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May you feel well within every layer of your being


Nothing takes place within the mind that doesn't affect the body & vice versa.

Wellbeing is to be at ease; in absence of dis-ease; within every layer of your being. Your bodymind is a complete integration as neither is separate. In Yogic Psychology, KRAMA means step-by-step progression.

It is the little, minute changes that pave the road for embodied wholeness. Embodiment is about knowing how to live in your body Well. It is about integration, realignment, assimilation. Embodiment is the opposite of dissociation or fragmentation. 

To Be Well is to be in alignment with your whole self as harmonious on physical, mental, emotional, energetic and spiritual levels. Your inner landscape sets the tone for your external reality. To Be Well is the active process of becoming aware of and making choices towards Wholeness.  

Wholeness is the complete union of ourselves; it is our natural state.