On Receiving:

The learned, exercised, practiced ability to Receive. That is the sole purpose of how Symbiotic Wellness has become a reality. To receive has common misconceptions and judgements surrounding it. The assumption is that to receive you must be wanting, you must be needy, you must be unsatisfied. Instead, you must always give! But what if looking deeply into the heart of receiving you actually find irreplaceable gifts of understanding. Of acknowledging. Of comprehension. Heart-space kind of comprehension. Not cognitive. The ability to greet everything that enters your life with an open door policy: "Okay, you too, and this, and that, oh, and you, yes, yes you all are welcome. I may not like all of you, I may not need all of you, many of you may not stay, but I will not turn you away. I will hear you, I will see you, I will understand you to the best of my ability. I will take my foggy lenses off of how things should be and how I wish things were and I will open the door of my heart to all that is asking to enter. From there, I will understand what is needed. What is blocking me, what still hurts, what is hard, what is gracious, what is life-giving, what energizes me and what my true vision is." This is the inner dialogue I have learned to have with all parts of myself, with the hard parts and murky parts and gross parts and beautiful parts and creative parts, all parts make a whole. All of us are parts of this collective consciousness, and all of us equally matter. We all belong. So, all parts of our individual selves must feel like they belong, too. To bear witness to all of this is to receive. This is exactly and precisely what is necessary to grow, necessary to foster self-belief and faith, of which I personally find are intertwined, symbiotic, if I may say. This faith, this belief, both are also receiving. Both are also an invitation towards movement and action and stillness and silence, all at once. There is never complete movement and never solitary silence at once, it is all always happening and our participation in this flow of life is required to receive the gifts that are presented to us. To learn the lessons by moving through them, by honoring their teachings as gifts just as fruitful as what we deem rewarding. For that matter though, to receive - the fruits, the benefits, the rewards - need to be off of the table. There cannot be a "I will do this so that I can get that. I will not do this so that this does not happen" mentality in the state of flow that we all so desire. No. Rather, one must show up fully and completely and be okay with walking away empty handed. The risk is required. The courage is necessary. The compassion and kindness are crucial. This is the ability to receive. To receive whatever comes, even if it seems like "nothing." It never is. There is always something and the expectations of how and when are just mere distractions. First and foremost, keep your heart open. Open and loving. Open and soft. Open and strong. Open and powerful. The heart is guiding. Let the rest of you be led. Let the rest of you surrender to the heart's requirements. The heart's natural ability is to receive. The heart knows. The heart is not concerned with the mind's fear of failure. For the heart, there is no such thing. There is only love. And that is receiving. Receiving is a form of love. A form of unconditional love. Because the receiving isn't going to be perfect and on its best behavior all of the time. But it is going to be life giving. It is going to be living. It is going to be raw and real and hard to form words around. This is the relationship of receiving. This is how I am where I am. This is how I have moved past so much, this is how I show up for myself, for my heart, for my life, for my "God." This is how I give, this is how I serve, this is how I return and participate in my dharma of sharing, loving and empowering. This is how I listen, this is how I learn, this is how I formulate relationships with external forces in my life. It starts in the heart. All of it starts in the heart. With a little bit of risk and a whole lot of faith. We are able to do just about anything, when it is rooted in Love.


xxo Anna


Anna Conversano