It all starts with us. 


Lean in, don't shy away. That is the greatest mistake you can make. We think it's easier and maybe at first it is but then when we turn around and believe no one to be near, farther away we drop into hiding. We, as spiritual creatures, are not meant for hiding. We are not built for isolation. Solitude is one thing. But closing down our emotional guidance systems, our energetic bodies, to receiving, is a detrimental thing for our souls. Lean in, don't shy away. Yes, of course it's scary. Yes of course it requires us to see what maybe we don't want to see but there is no point in trying to make something go away. How much of this is just a story we are telling ourselves, anyways? Probably playing on repeat, stuck in the past from tragedy many years ago, it's no longer relevant and it's certainly no longer serving you. We are meant to bloom from these things. To grow, to awaken, to rise again and again. To fall, of course, that is a part of this human experience. But that is just the beginning. We fall not to stay down but to drop so deep inside of ourselves that we find the lightness that has always been there and let it grow us into majesty. Absolute Majesty: the lightness of our Being. We're allowed to believe this. That we are made of lightness and are a well of Joy & Grace. Because it is true. Can it be real for you? What is holding you there, hostage, refusing to see your magnificence and greatness? It's probably the smallest part of you that is needing the same unconditional Love that we all hold within our wells. May we....


Lean in. Let go. Open. Expand. It all starts with us. We are meant for Greatness.

Anna Conversano