Magnificence: An opposition to Stuckness

Stuckness. That is what is see behind people's eyes who hold pain. Stuckness from lack of feeling. In another time and place within the mind, in a way it's intoxicating, in a way it makes sense. Safe in the trap of control. But what about breathing? And the way it requires moving; freeing. There is something to be said about the ability to transform a life into one of meaning and purpose. There is not a fixed brain. There is not a fixed mind. There is not a fixed way in which your heart beats or in the way you take breath. It's elastic and transforming at every moment. It's our own responsibility to believe this and trust in the capacity of our truths to move us past the story telling bullshit that is heavy in stuckness. Opposition is required.

Shake it up and move it.

Your body.

Your breath.

Your thoughts.

Your habits.

Your beliefs.

The ways in which you lean in towards love.

Stagnation is death.

Celebrate your magnificence. It's so incredibly astonishing what we are capable of. I pray for this to seep into your veins, to get into your bloodstream and to be felt in your bones. Absolute magnificence. 

Believing in your capabilities is the greatest remedy.

How do we take care of our hearts when we spent most of our lives abandoning it?

What does it look like to believe in our greatness?

What does it mean to truly trust and listen and not rush through everything without even feeling it?

These are questions we need to be asking ourselves. 

Anna Conversano