references for healing + inspiration

There is nothing more true than the statement “we can’t do it alone…” and we shouldn’t F*ing have to!!!

Below is a continuously-added-to list of people, places + things that have had a profound impact on my healing…..

People to look up: Who inspire, write, teach, heal, speak, encourage….and who have shaped me as a person

  • Rick Hanson : dharmaseed dharma talks, ALL of his books !!!

  • Glennon Doyle : “Carry On, Warrior: Thoughts on Life Unarmed” book

  • Brene Brown : TEDtalk on Vulnerability, the Netflix Special: The Call to Courage, “Daring Greatly” book, actually, ALL of her books too !!!

  • Tara Brach : Tara Brach Podcast, “Radical Acceptance” book, “True Refuge” book

  • Elizabeth Gilbert : “Eat Pray Love made me do it” book, her interview with Rob Bell on the Robcast

  • Rob Bell : “The Robcast” Podcast, “How to Be Here” book, “What We Talk About When We Talk About God” book

  • Kristia Tippett : On Being Podcast, “Becoming Wise” book

  • Mark Groves : The Mark Groves Podcast

  • Mark Nepo : “Seven Thousand Ways to Listen” book, any of his poems !!

  • Melodie Beattie: “The Language of Letting Go” daily devotional book (I have read this book every day for the past 4 years), “Codependent No More” book

  • Caroline Myss: “Anatomy of the Spirit” book — i swear this book changed my life

  • Jana Roemer: Yoga Nidra Meditations infused with astrology

  • Insight Timer app for meditation — silent, guided, short, long…

  • Spirit Animal Oracle cards by Collette Baron-Reid for connecting with spirit and intuition

Anna Conversano