Intuitive Readings

I have always been able to channel Source Energy through both my heart and intellect; witnessing what is real and clear about situations. Seeing from a Bird's Eye Perspective. It is an energetic funnel that comes through me- I am able to articulate to you what you need, that is hard for you to see. I've been doing this work for decades, literally. When we can hear directly from Source, or Spirit, it can act as a consolation or a sounding board from the Universe to affirm your own intuition. My intuitive readings allow you to feel complete ease about your life — whether it be relationships, jobs, living situations, income — whatever is causing strife in your life, I am able to offer directly channeled clarity and insight. Not in attempt to “fix” but in actuality to remind you of your innate Wholeness, and that most importantly, the Universe has your back and you are held in Love, always, in ALL WAYS!

Intuitive readings are ceremonial ways for us to connect, align and move forward in our lives in our Highest way possible.

All readings are safe environments for personal sharing, and all information is channeled in the name of Love. No fear around!

In person OR distance (PS. distance does NOT affect the quality of information ;-) )

50 minutes / $111