about ANNA

As a teacher + healer it is my goal to empower your recovery and discovery through the symbiotic practices of healing that I offer. I am here as a support and guide.

The true power lies within YOU.
— xxo anna

My goal is to move through everything I do with Authenticity and Love. It is always my intention to create an environment in which you can feel safe to hold space for yourself, exactly where you are and as you are. To create a space where one can lean into their subtle body is how we are all able to drop into the feeling body and out of the thinking mind, which is profoundly empowering and healing. As a teacher I help you explore the deeper layers of being through breath and energy awareness. Postures are held with the intention of building strength, confidence in "being with" the discomfort while simultaneously developing a feeling of ease.


It is deeply important to me to share a (condensed version of) my story with you because it is exactly why I do the work that I do today. I believe in the importance of relate-ability and the power that can be felt from knowing each-other's stories. The strength and inspiration that we can find from another is incredibly healing and empowering. 

I was 16 years old when I went to my first Yoga class. It was the first time I had ever properly breathed in my life. My adolescent years were full of physical and mental pain that deeply impacted my relationship with life. Beginning (noticeably) in high school, I had chronic headaches and neck pain; digestion issues as well as depression and anxiety; insomnia. I was so young to be taking the medication that was prescribed to me but I was also much too young to be under so much deep, chronic stress. Multiple contributing factors led to my hypersensitivity going into overdrive, a constant feeling of unsafeness and un-ease, a nervous system that could not regulate. In college, my pain manifested in the form of a severe eating disorder that carried me through my first career in Fashion Marketing and back again, to Yoga. Through my own healing and recovery journey, Yoga, Meditation & Resilience-Based Positive Psychology were at the forefront, these practices and behavioral shifts were absolutely life changing. I believe profound healing comes from these tools, because all parts of our being are brought back into homeostasis and ease. Not only the physical body, but the energetic, emotional, mental and spiritual layers of our humanness are all addressed in Yoga, Meditation and Positive Resilience-based Thinking.

In more recent years, my recovery and healing have allowed me to open into my intuitive and empathic abilities, that are now at the forefront of my client work. My intuitive sensitivity allows me to work with clients in a deeper way through both Yoga Therapy and Positive Psychology Coaching. I am able to understand what is blocked, what needs to be addressed and who you are underneath the layers of discomfort and "stuckness." The relationship between Yoga and Positive Psychology are Symbiotic. Both seeing resilience, joy and ease as non-negotiables for cultivating Wellness. They are both about cultivating the "opposite" of what is present, of bringing about balance, and by doing so one small step at a time. There is no quick-fix on the menu for long lasting change. It is my humble honor to use my practices and expertise as tools to empower your transformation. I have integrated Beautycounter into my regimen of offerings on "what it means to Be Well"  because the way you take care of your body is incredibly important. My goal is to share the awareness around how harmful chemicals are in most other brands of skin & body care. To choose Beautycounter is to choose awareness around what you buy. It is just as important as an internal mindset shift or a meditation practice to combat anxiety. It is choosing kindness for your body.

It is all Symbiotic. All part of ourselves are deeply interconnected and all parts of ourselves deserve to be equally cared for.

xxo Anna

Last night as I was sleeping, I dreamt that I had a beehive here inside my heart. And the golden bees were making white combs and sweet honey from my old failures.
— Antonio Machado