Terms & Policies


Please take note:

The scope of services provided is limited to all clients to the scope of credentialed expertise. Symbiotic Wellness LLC provides yoga therapy instruction, by the Samata Institute and International Association of Yoga Therapists, and alternative lifestyle consulting services. Although all clients will work only with experienced, licensed yoga teachers, yoga therapy is best used as a complement and in conjunction to traditional medical practices.

Symbiotic Wellness LLC will provide recommendations and referrals to third party health and wellness providers, within the discretion of their professional judgment. However, it is ultimately the responsibility of the client to self-identify when third party care is required and when, where, and how provided. 

Yoga therapy embraces both Western and alternative/Eastern medicines and is intended as a preventative, complementary, and integrative health care practice. If you are experiencing pain during an exercise at home, please cease that activity immediately and consult with your yoga instructor or doctor.

  • My business is a legally registered entity with professional liability insurance.
  • I am not a medical doctor and cannot treat acute pain. If you are currently experiencing acute pain, or are currently receiving treatment and/or is in need of treatment from a Board-Certified or state-regulated medical care provider, please actively seek out that relationship. 
  • Care is taken to ensure compliance to HIPPA guidelines and industry best practices for yoga therapists.
  • All information disclosed and discussed during sessions is held in client confidentiality, including pertinent case notes stored electronically, except in cases where as required by law.
  • Failure to complete payments in timely manner is unlawful
  • Under 24 hour notice of cancellation will require payment regardless
  • 48 Hour notice required for all cancellations in order for payment to not be collected