Anna is so much compassionate tough love
with so much knowledge and experience
— ashley, client
I just wanted to let you know you really made me think. I am having some deep insights. The point of being kind to yourself, accepting yourself. Of course, growth and progress are important, but may be we should take the process easily.

You also changed my perspective. Instead of trying to learn a skill I don’t have, I could use my strengths to manage my life with less stress. So the question I need to ask myself how could I do that?

So thank you so much for that!
— nirvana, client
It is helpful for folks to know how they come across and to be authentic. You, in my opinion, have a softness and sweetness (I am guessing you have heard both those words before) that I think will help put your clients at ease. It is a way of being that inspires trust, suggests safety.
— robert biswas-diener, coach
You have a gift of presence and awareness with a strong intuitive sensitivity and your clients are very lucky to work with someone with such gifts. #oldsoul
— Lori Rubenstein Fazzio, PhD
Anna is great energy therapist. I was going through a tough time in my life with personal issues and work. During her session I felt a lot of stuff leaving my body. If you understand Reiki, it does not work right away. It takes a couple days. Those next few days I felt like I was riding on a cloud of happiness. I felt more secure in my spiritual journey. She was not going through the flow just to do her job. She really put in the love that I was missing from my life and help me regain my voice. I have recommended her to a few people. I will now only work with her from here on out. She is a genuine individual to work with.
— heather, client
My 1-on-1 sessions with Anna were incredibly helpful. She not only guided me through ways to live my healthiest life but most importantly helped me see that taking care of myself should be a priority. Besides our discussions, the yoga and (and reiki!) we did at the end of our meetings was the best ever. I always felt so empowered and amazing after our time together. I highly recommend Anna for anyone looking to make a healthy change.
— -Lauren, client

As you have traveled to India before and have experience of other teachings and lineages in India, you have a different understanding than most. Take this as a gift and blessing and continue on the path that you were born for, sharing yoga therapy with the world...
— Shanna Hughes, IAYT Yoga Therapist