What is Positive Psychology? 

Positive Psychology looks at what is right with people, focusing on when people are at their best, but is not the focus of the positive at the expense of the negative. Positive Psychology is a science that uses positive interventions as ways with working with people in promoting their superior functioning as a means to help people perform better and live more satisfying lives. As a Coach, I incorporate this science into the framework of how our sessions together are crafted. I use the lens of Positive Psychology as leverage for the way in which I hold space for you and your process.

Wellbeing Coaching

Using Positive Psychology & Mindset Interventions

I would like to make clear that positive mindset coaching does not mean ignoring the hard parts of one's life or the perceived 'negatives' about one's personality. That is not the Yogic way and that is not intelligent psychology. It instead must be interpreted as a practice of moving past what is blocking the way of your individual growth, done by cultivating the opposite of what is heavy and hard by realizing your strengths and how to nurture them. One step at a time, small improvements make for lasting growth. This is a tool that allows for the rewiring of neural pathways in the brain; a rewriting of one's story and a reframing of one's perspective. As a Coach, I am here to provide interactive and tangible tools and ideas to facilitate your own internal process and help you see how attainable your goals really are.

Abundance can be had simply by consciously receiving what already has been given.
— sufi saying