YOGA as Therapy


the root cause:

The root cause of all chronic pain and chronic stress is entirely intertwined with our emotional state, on a cellular level.

It is scientifically proven: when the nervous system lives in a mode of constant high alert, these responses pass through the emotional response system in the brain which influence the mind and body on every level.

Yoga as a healing science and art is designed to rewire these neural pathways, therefore rewriting the story that something is wrong. With a dedicated practice devoted towards whole body wellness and a disciplined sense of detachment from these old habits, patterns and thoughts, you literally change your life from the inside out.



A focused approach of addressing the root cause of pain; rather than "fixing A PROBLEM" through yogic techniques & practices

In Yoga Therapy, we are not interested in fixing or working on the superficial level of symptoms but instead, dropping into what becomes lasting transformations and deep whole-being healing by obtaining and managing a program focused holistically around the ROOT CAUSE

Yoga Therapy can be thought of as a transformative tool through which you come back into fullness and completeness within yourself, by working with every piece of the puzzle, all the while, addressing the physical and mental pain in the process. This takes time and effort but cultivates permanent shits that permeate throughout your entire life.

It is essentially Lifestyle Management.


Wellness Programs & Pricing:

As we may know, it takes 21 days to form a new habit. In your wellness program, we will double that time as the minimum framework for you to really drop deeper and reconstruct your life! Each individual wellness program will be different, but the average timeframe will be 6-12wks or up to 6+ months depending on your personal goal in recovery.

$150/50min. & initial consultation (difference will be subtracted should you pay package remainder in full after initial consult)

$125/50min. if full 6-9 weeks is paid upfront

$110/50min. if full 10+ weeks is paid upfront

*After our initial consultation, the minimum package for Yoga Therapy & Positive Psychology Coaching will be 6 sessions. (ie: 7 sessions as total minimum) Special circumstances excluded. Contract upon signing up will cover these details. Please reach out if you have any questions or concerns about this. 


what to expect:

True, deep, real transformation takes time. We are in an age of instant gratification; a one pill fix; yet we are also waking up to the fact that this mentality does not encourage actual healing. In working together, we will make goals and set intentions, we will check in with progress reports; we will work in unison throughout your whole process with keeping your clear goal in mind. I am simply your guide, here to offer you powerful tools and show you the best ways to implement them and integrate them into your daily life, so that long-term changes will occur and so that you will feel confident in your ability to take your program home with you. We will work in a symbiotic way, using both tools from Yoga Therapy and Positive Psychology Coaching in different measures depending on your individual focus and necessary needs. This will be a relationship building process between you & I where trust is cultivated and a safe space is shared. The creativity will take place in us determining together how to create a wellness program that is perfect for YOU.

Yoga Therapy is the process of empowering individuals to progress toward improved health and well-being through the application of the philosophy and practice of Yoga.
— International Association of Yoga Therapists