Physical Therapy & Yoga
with Bharati Gokhale

When two practices are symbiotic, it means they benefit one another when paired together. Physical Therapy has always been an essential part of the healing process. I believe the key to attain long-term pain relief and a higher connection to one's self is achieved by combining physical therapy concepts with a personal yoga practice.


Bharati Gokhale (PT, tDPT, WCS, CYT) is a physical therapist who is APTA certified in women's health physical therapy. In addition to PT, she has certifications in Viniyoga and Hatha yoga tradition. 


She offers physical therapy and private yoga sessions for people struggling with chronic pain and functional mobility. Since everybody has a different level of flexibility and strength, personalized sessions are ideal. With her background in PT and yoga, she can help you achieve your wellness goals. Yoga, when paired with PT, is an exceptional tool that can help restore your wellbeing.


Physical Therapy:

An initial session will include an assessment of your posture, range of motion, and muscle strength. If you are here for pelvic floor therapy a pelvic exam may be needed. Typically, during the first session, we will discuss your personalized goals and treatment plan. The follow-up sessions are one hour in duration and a combination of manual therapy, individualized exercise programs, and additional therapeutic interventions such as taping, dry needling, and any recommendations of additional equipment if needed.




A typical first visit will include an assessment and examination of your overall flexibility and strength. During this first session, we will discuss your individual mobility goals and establish your personalized program. The follow-up session(s) will be focused on implementing your individualized program and improving your form. As you progress, changes can be made to your program as needed.



Physical Therapy

Initial assessment (75 minutes) $150

Follow-up visits (60 minutes each) $125

Customized Appointment Packages available based on your individual needs*.

*Will provide a bill with codes (superbill) for you to submit for reimbursement. 

*Medicare clients are only eligible for wellness visits

Personalized Yoga

Initial Assessment (60 minutes) $100

Follow-up visits: (45 minutes) $80

    (60 minutes) $100


Five (45minutes) visits - $320 & Five (60 minutes) visits - $400

2020 Holiday Packages

Give the gift of self-care or treat yourself:


Learn to let go and restore. Unlock your body’s own healing power with Restorative Yoga

Five (45 Minutes) sessions $300 Can be done on Zoom.

Experience deep relaxation through craniosacral/myofascial release techniques and learn restorative poses to help you relax further. Cranio-sacral and restorative combo

Three (60 minutes) sessions $270



Symbiotic Wellness can help you with:

Physical Therapy

  • Acute/Chronic Neck & Back Pain

  • Pelvic Health (including Pelvic Pain & Bladder and Bowel Dysfunctions)

  • Prenatal/Postnatal issues

  • Post-Concussion Headaches & Anxiety

Personalized Yoga​

  • Post-Orthopedic Procedures 

  • Neurological Conditions (Stroke. Parkinson's Disease, etc.)

  • Balance Deficits

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