Life After Physical Therapy
with Bharati Gokhale

When two practices are symbiotic, it means they benefit one another when paired together. Physical Therapy has always been an essential part of the healing process. I believe the key to attain long-term pain relief and a higher connection to one's self is achieved by combining physical therapy concepts with a personal yoga practice.


Bharati Gokhale (PT, tDPT, WCS, CYT) is a physical therapist who is APTA certified in women's health physical therapy. In addition to PT, she has certifications in Viniyoga and Hatha yoga tradition. 

She offers personalized private yoga sessions for people struggling with their functional mobility. Since everybody has a different level of flexibility and strength, private sessions are ideal. With her background in PT and yoga, she can help you achieve your mobility goals by increasing your flexibility and decreasing your strength deficit. Yoga, when paired with PT, is an exceptional tool that can help restore and enhance your functional mobility, as well as decrease your anxiety.


A typical first visit will include an assessment and examination of your overall flexibility and strength. During this first assessment, we will discuss your individual mobility goals and establish your personalized program. The follow-up session(s) will be focused on implementing your individualized program and improving your form. As you progress, changes can be made to your personalized program as needed.



First visit includes a 60 minute Initial Assessment - $100

follow-up visits last 45 ($80) to 60 minutes ($100).


Five 60 minute visits - $400

Five 45 minute visits - $320 

Three 60 minute visits - $270 

Three 45 minute visits - $225



One-on-one yoga can be beneficial for clients after they have completed rehab for orthopedic issues such as back pain, neck pain, and other joint injuries. 

Individualized yoga is always recommended when you are new to yoga and/or have any specific health issues. 

If you are interested in scheduling a session with me, email me and we can start the journey to feeling your best in your body!

(615) 968-4250

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