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Five Ways to Practice Self Care at Home

Do you feel like “Safe at Home” has not only changed our lives but even what we consider to be self-care? Some days I feel instead of having extra time, the day just disappears. While I don’t have my usual work to do or the mundane routines of life such as commuting, it has added so many other tasks including childcare and kitchen duties. I am unloading the dishwasher almost every day!

I’m not saying all that has happened is negative, so many good changes are happening as well. I am getting more time with my kids. My college-age daughter is at home and it is amazing to spend time with her (most of the time).

During this time, I am also learning new things. I am working with new technology. I am teaching yoga classes on zoom and working on promoting them on Facebook and Instagram. Interestingly, amid all these things, what I am noticing is my old patterns are still present, physical as well as mental.

Are you noticing that? I still have to remind myself to put me first, take time to work out and do practice self-care. I still want to find something to do every second of the day and try to measure my day in productivity. But as life continues this way for 4 weeks now, I am starting to see a shift. I am taking time to play with my pre-teen, I am cooking new recipes with my daughter, walking in the warm sunshine with my husband. Little by little, I am lowering my expectations for my children and even for myself. I am savoring the moments that I used to hurry through. I hope you are seeing that shift as well.

If you are looking for ways to practice self care at home, here are some ways you can make intentional time for yourself.

Five Ways to Practice Self Care at Home

  1. Taking just 10 minutes to do nothing, you can sit on the chair, sit in a cross-legged position or lay down in a quiet room, just focus on breathing. When the thoughts surface just gently divert your attention to your breath. You can do box breathing that we learned earlier. (count of 4 for inhale, pause after inhaling, count of 4 for exhale, pause after exhale). This can be done at any time during the day.

  2. You can add meditation to your routine. Sitting upright is preferable for meditation. You can choose any object to focus on, it can be a tree or an animal. It can be a candle. Just observe that object, don’t let any particular memory distract you, don’t start thinking of the future event, just simply focus on a tree and its root system, the trunk, its expanse, its branches, and leaves. The practice is the key. As you get comfortable with this exercise slowly your mind starts experiencing calmness and centeredness.

  3. Doing gentle stretches and simple yoga practice (a unique combination of breathing techniques and yoga postures) before sleeping (10-15 minutes) if your sleep is affected.

  4. Doing energetic yoga practice 3 times per week. A good example of this is sun salutations. This could be useful on its own or as cross-training, especially if your gym is closed and you have been doing more walking or running lately.

  5. Taking frequent breaks to stretch and perform body scanning. This works especially well if you are experiencing backache and neck pain due to changes in your sitting habits.

Want more? Want to go deeper? I can create a personalized plan for you depending on your needs.

So many places are closed right now, so if you have any pain or discomfort please reach out and we can get started online! I will use posture modification education and exercises to help you with your symptoms using my background as a Physical Therapist and yoga instructor. Please don’t hesitate to contact me even if you have been affected financially by this pandemic. I can offer you various paying options and currently, I am offering a 50% discount for each session.

Please join me for these free workshops: contact Bharati at to reserve the spot and get your Zoom log in.

Watch Your Back: Yoga for Home Office on May 6th, 12:00 Pm- 12:45 PM

Hold on to the Sunshine on May 20th 12:00 to 12:45


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