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Heart Health & Yoga

I cannot believe it is February already! I love February for so many reasons. One of the biggest reasons is because this is the month we officially take time to show love to people in our life. And I know we can have a good argument whether we love with our heart or brain; for all practical purposes, the heart has won that battle. Even the American Heart Association has adapted this month as a heart health month. So let’s talk about yoga and heart health.

Heart disease is the world’s biggest killer and it is showing up in more young people than ever before. This trend is due to inactivity, stressful lifestyle, and obesity. 

Yoga can help! Here’s how:

  • Yoga introduces you to movement and an active lifestyle.

  • Breathing techniques and meditation/mindfulness techniques can help you reduce stress. These techniques have also been shown to reduce blood pressure, anxiety and depression. 

  • Our lifestyle also has brought us to social isolation that can contribute to depression. However, yoga brings you a strong community that can help reduce social isolation. 

  • Research also has shown that people who are involved in yoga are more open to healthier eating habits that can help fight obesity. Plus, as mentioned earlier, you get the community support to follow these lifestyle changes.  

  • Yoga has been shown to have a connection to reducing the episodes of atrial fibrillation(A-Fib), a condition that can cause a stroke or even, sudden death.

So why wait? If you are not joining yoga classes because you are not sure how to do yoga, have limitations, or need modifications, you can still learn. 

Take care of your heart this month. Contact me for a few one-on-one sessions and you will be ready in no time! 

(615) 968-4250


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