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This shall pass…

This storm that we all are in will pass. It always does.

We have to remember storms are part of life. We cannot stop the storm or change it but we can definitely calm ourselves. This is a famous proverb in the Buddhist tradition and it is so true.

“Safe at home” is helping me to take a moment to pause. It is helping me to slow down which I had almost forgotten how to do. On one hand, there is anxiety and a public health crisis, but on the other hand, we are surrounded by our loved ones. Our extended family and friends are available to us, only virtually, but they have time to spare!

I understand it has created some unique issues but I know we will find the solutions. When one door closes a window is opened….we just need to find it, right?

Here at Symbiotic Yoga, I have turned my bonus room into a studio where I can do Virtual Yoga and teletherapy for your physical therapy needs.

I know this unique time has been one of transition for many of us. If you need to take care of you back while you are working from home, I can help. I can create personal yoga practices that will keep your back healthy during this stressful time. My physical therapy background allows me to create a combination of personalized exercises and yoga postures.

Breathing techniques and meditation are considered the best antidote for anxiety and stress-related issues that we all are experiencing during these difficult times. With Symbiotic Yoga, you will learn breathing and personalized meditation techniques that can work for you.

If you want to learn basic yoga while at home and are not sure where to start, send me a message!


For a limited time only:

$50/per virtual session (50% discount)

Contact Bharati at

(615) 968-4250


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